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I want to build an online brand that converts.

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Together we work on the perfect online representation of your company, optimized for your target group. This is how we transform visitors into customers with the SB7 Framework.

Website design

I build your website so that it becomes really professional. A tailor-made design that matches your company, completely in line with your corporate identity.


With my specialization in copywriting and design, I build the website optimized for conversion (inciting visitors to a certain action). We do this based on the correct website structure. With this I give advice about the text and content on the website to persuade visitors as a service.


By using the right keywords and navigation within the website, we go for a good visibility of the content within the website and in the search engines based on SEO.

Online marketing

With efficient online marketing we work on your visibility, brand awareness and we transform your target audience into loyal customers by offering value that you are loved by the customer.

High value customer

Your perfect customer. What does he/she look like? What do they pay, what product do they buy, where are they and how do I reach them? Known questions for every entrepreneur. We examine your target audience and help you set up the communication to reach them on the foundation of a content calendar and strategy.

Online Channels

The correct communication should also be on your other online channels! Think about social media (linkedin, twitter, facebook and the like). With the right online strategy we work for your visibility, being found and even approached by your target audience online.


With our tested content strategy, we prepare your target audience in 4 phases to contact you. That’s how your customers find you.


Phase 1: Visibility & Name recognition
Phase 2: Connection with your target group
Phase 3: Connection with your target group
Phase 4: Conversion, from prospect to customer

What we do

personalized SB7 framework for consistent communication
Clarity about your investment
Monthly insight into the results
A website with a clear solution

What we don’t do

Every time a different story that is confusing for customers
Unclear where your investment is going
No insight into results
Nice but meaningless websites

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Product features

SB7 Framework

In our products we present your organization according to the SB7, which stands for the Storybrand 7 framework. This is a communication tool completely focused on your customer and a great filter to get through the communication of your story.


I analyze your current corporate identity, websites / brochures / channels and together we discuss your wishes and how they can be achieved.


For the best conversion, I design the right structure for the website or social media channels. Resulting in the design and/or content strategy.


Here we go over all the content for your website and social media including planning and creating it. This way your online channel / website becomes the perfect identity.


I walk through all content and the website to do the finishing touches. From SEO keywords to google analytics and so on.

Website restructuring

Web design made for conversion

I design a website focused on visibility, conversion and results. This way you get the most value from the website and we go for people approaching you for your services / products.

  • Responsive design so perfect on mobile & tablet
  • Completely in your own corporate identity, therefore 100% unique
  • Google indexing for good visibility
  • Google analytics link for tracking website usage
  • Advice on content and text on your website from a copywriter
  • Marketing consultation for development opportunities in the future

Restructuring of online channels

Online marketing for brand recognition

I plan, develop and place the content on your social media channels. In addition, I also develop your Social Media pages for optimal conversion.

  • Content calendar for planned content at the right time
  • Content design from simple visuals to Infographics
  • Posting content at the right time in the right place
  • Content advice
  • Website consultation for development opportunities in the future

Simon, Thank you for your help in redesigning our website. You have made it look and function light years ahead or where it was before. I wish I would have done this sooner. After one month of the site being live we are already seeing 83% more of site visitors ending up on our contact page, the bounce rate went down 33%, and average time spent on the page has gone up 25%. You were very helpful leading us through the process and sticking to the plan you laid out from the beginning and incorporating all of my late additions. Thanks for all the good communication along the way, you have a good sense of humor and can roll with the punches. I look forward to working with you again soon!

Greg Bland

“Simon has a creative attitude which helped us to make presentations for customers and to win the Chamber of Commerce Innovation challenge and the minor Consultancy and Entrepreneurship. In addition, Simon can estimate the needs of customers in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Jaap Spruyt

“We used Simon and his company for a while when Top Labels Online discovered and what it stood for, their invaluable expertise and knowledge enabled us to zoom in on what we are and a plan devised by them was also created. nothing but good things about Simon, great professional and great results.

Nuno da Silva

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