Customer loyalty through storytelling.

The added value of your brand, organization and products properly communicated.

Communication that transforms visitors into clients.

Communication that reaches and convinces your audience.

Communcation that builds a brand and transforms buyers into ambassadors.

Standing out online, even more now.

The unstoppable development of digitalization makes communicating and spreading
your brand, organization and products evermore complicated.

Do you feel you are not being seen online, even though you have a special and valuable proposition?
We provide your online presentation, thus developing a brand that is indispensable for your customers.

Online presence has never been this crucial before.

How we make your online presentation indispensible.

Your online presentation

Professional Identity designs custom communication frameworks with storytelling as a tool for your successful online presentation by supporting you with our passion for copywriting and distribution of strong value propositions. The application possibilities are endless. 

Since 2017 I support companies by clearly explaining the value proposition in video based on copywriting in the Financial, logistics, ICT and public sector. And that is just one of the applications.

Simon van den Heuvel – Creative Director, Professional Identity

How we activate your online presentation.

1. We make an appointment

We look at your value proposition, your current communication (framework) and we brainstorm about the best applications.

2. We create a tailor-made plan

We create a tailor-made communication framework and a strategy for distribution to your target group.

3. We grow your company

With distribution a / b testing and optimization we bring your value proposition for the target group that needs your added value the most.

“Simon has a creative mindset which has helped us in making the presentations for customers and in winning the Chamber of Commerce Innovation Challenge and the minor Consultancy and Entrepreneurship. In addition, Simon is able to estimate the needs of customers well, what resulted in satisfaction among our customers.”

Jaap Spruyt

“Simon, Thank you for your help in redesigning our website. You have made it look and function light years ahead or where it was before. I wish I would have done this sooner. After one month of the site being live we are already seeing 83% more of site visitors ending up on our contact page, the bounce rate went down 33%, and average time spent on the page has gone up 25%. You were very helpful leading us through the process and sticking to the plan you laid out from the beginning and incorporating all of my late additions. Thanks for all the good communication along the way, you have a good sense of humor and can roll with the punches. I look forward to working with you again soon!”
Greg Bland

“We used Simon and his company for a period when Top Labels Online discovered themselves and what it stood for, their invaluable expertise and knowledge have allowed us to zoom in on what we are and delivered us a plan, nothing but good things about Simon, great professional and great results.”

Nuno da Silva

Do you want the added value of your brand, organization and products consistently communicated?

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